How Do Chargebacks Work?

We took a closer look at Action Refunds chargeback program to get a better understanding of what they can do for the victims of online investment fraud.
Action Refund carefully evaluates every case’s details to ensure that their program can lead to a successful refund. They aren’t interested in stringing along with clients they can’t help. They’re here to get people their money back.
The first step is investigating the company operating the scam. Many scam brokers use fake details for their contact information and regulation status. These details are crucial to determining the best course of action to implement a successful chargeback.
Chargebacks are a powerful tool for recovering deposits made to scam brokers. They don’t work for profits or bonuses, which were likely fictitious amounts made up by the broker anyway. Action Refund needs your bank or other payment processor statements to initiate a chargeback for your deposits.
The chargeback process involves attempting to contact the brokers to see if they’ll return the deposit of their own accord. After this, Action Refund can begin to process the chargeback in earnest and retrieve your money.
If you choose to follow our recommendation and contact Action Refund, be sure to have your bank statements, communication records with the broker, and any other evidence ready. The sooner you have these documents, the sooner Action Refund can retrieve your funds.

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