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Is Oinvest a Legitimate Broker?


During our Oinvest review, we haven’t been able to track down any legitimate registration details. This broker is completely unregulated, meaning they’re accountable to no one. Anyone investing with Oinvest is at serious risk of losing their funds. Unregulated brokers often disappear without a trace and regularly withhold their clients’ funds.
Any legitimate broker will register with the financial regulator in their country of operation. These regulators have strict rules that all registered brokers must follow. These include mandatory investor protections like insurance, segregation of client funds, and accounting requirements. Without these protections, a broker like Oinvest can play fast and loose with your money.

How Do I Know If I Can Trust Oinvest?

Oinvest demonstrates a lack of transparency in the way they do business. A reputable broker is open about all of their dealings. Things like their physical address and exact contact details are easy to find. A good broker spells out their terms and conditions clearly and concisely, never springing unexpected fees on their users.
Unregulated brokers like Oinvest often hide essential details in their fine print. Clients who believe they’ve made a tidy profit often find themselves unable to make a withdrawal. Trumped-up verification requirements let unscrupulous brokers hold onto your money for arbitrary reasons. Without the strength of a financial regulator keeping them in check, unregistered brokers can do whatever they please.

If it’s already too late and you can’t retrieve your funds after investing with Oinvest, you still have options. We strongly recommend contacting the professionals at Action Refund. They offer free consultations for their fund recovery services. Their team might be able to help you get a full refund on the money you’ve sent to scam brokers.



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