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Forex Scams

Foreign exchange trading, or forex, is an excellent way for experienced traders to make money. Unfortunately, inexperienced traders believe that it could be their ticket to easy money. The demand for forex brokers has opened the door to countless scam brokers looking to swindle these novice traders.

Scam forex brokers use several tactics to lure their victims. They promise bonuses for new accounts, but the fine print attached to the bonuses ensures that traders can never withdraw them. The brokers promise traders that they can make a killing by leveraging trades but don’t explain the commensurate risks. Some of these scam brokers simply disappear the moment you make a deposit, leaving you with no way to recover your funds.

Account bonuses and leverage have strict regulations in most jurisdictions, but most scam brokers operate offshore to avoid them. This makes retrieving funds exceptionally difficult. If you are the victim of a scam forex broker, we strongly recommend Action Refund. We have found their services to be effective and reliable.


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