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Banking Fraud

Banking fraud takes many different forms. These scams typically involve either accessing your accounts without your knowledge or getting you to transfer funds under false pretenses. Banks go to great lengths to protect their customers, but scammers are continually adapting their methods.

Phishing is a method for scammers to uncover your online banking login details. These attacks can target many victims with generic communications or one person using a few already known pieces of information. Scammers send fake emails or text messages saying that there is some issue with your bank account. When you click the link, it takes you to a fake login page for your bank. The information that you enter when trying to log in is sent directly to the scammers.

You should never trust unofficial communications from your bank. Never click on embedded email links. Go to the bank’s website yourself to verify any issues. If you’ve already become a victim, we suggest contacting our recommended funds recovery experts, Action Refund.

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